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Thunder Bay has a lot going for it, and a lot going on

Just after our daughter turned one, we moved to Thunder Bay and started exploring our new home. Six years later, we are still having fun trying new restaurants, discovering hiking and snowshoeing trails, checking out family activities and finding cool stores, authors and artists, plus revisiting old favourites (we have chucked about a million smooth shoreline stones back into Lake Superior).


When we talked about our adventures, TBayers often said, "You do such cool stuff—our family should try that!" Other times, I'd get an email from a friend: "We're coming to Thunder Bay for a family grandkids are here for a visit...I'm coming to Thunder Bay for a conference and my family's coming too...what are good family places to visit?" I'd think, "Someone really ought to do a website about fun things to do with the kids in Thunder Bay." Then I finally said, "Well, hey, I'm going to do a website about fun things to do with kids in Thunder Bay." So here it is. I've loved putting it together, and there's lots more to come.


Besides being a mom of a totally awesome seven-year-old, I'm also a veteran writer and editor whose work has appeared in hundreds of Canadian magazines and websites, like Today's Parent, Canadian Family,, Thunder Bay Experience, The Walleye and In 2016 my work was nominated for a Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce award in the Tourism Partner category. You can check out examples of my work at

Have fun exploring Thunder Bay with your family!

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