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Thunder Bay walk-in clinics and emergency dental care

Sick kid? Been there. Here’s a list of Thunder Bay walk-in clinics, plus places for emergency dental care. Hours of operation are subject to change so call ahead first…and we hope you all get well soon.


Algoma Place Health Centre, Walk-In Clinic 153 Algoma St S, Rear Suite, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3B7 Phone: 807-345-5020 Fax: 807-345-2783 Hours: Mon-Wed 4 pm-8 pm Dilico Anishinabek Family Care, Walk-In Clinic Fort William First Nation Site 200 Anemki Pl, Thunder Bay, ON P7J 1L6 Phone: 807-626-5200 Fax: 807-623-0536 Hours: Wed 5 pm-8 pm Archibald Street Site 131 Archibald St N, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 3X7 Phone: 807-623-8511 Hours: Fri 1 pm-4 pm Good Doctors Walk-in Clinic 1040 Oliver Rd, Unit 103B, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 7A5 Phone: 807-700-0395 Hours: Mon-Wed 9 am-5 pm, Thu-Fri 9 am-3 pm Joseph Esquega Health Centre, Walk-In Clinic 401 Donald St E, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5V1 Phone: 807-623-4444 Fax: 807-623-4929 Hours: Sat 10 am-1 pm Northwest Walk-In Medical Clinic (Rexall's Pharmacy) 1265 Arthur St E, Ste 100, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6E7 Phone: 807-623-7101 Hours: Mon-Tue, Thu 1:30 pm-4:30 pm NorWest Community Health Centre, Urgent Care Clinic 525 Simpson St, Thunder Bay ON P7C 3J6 Phone: 807-622-8235 Fax: 807-622-3548 Hours: Mon-Thu 4:30 pm-8 pm; Fri 1 pm-4 pm; Sat, Sun 10 am-3 pm Academy Medical Pharmacy, Walk-In Clinic 556 Beverly St, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5V2 Phone: 807-344-4540 Fax: 807-344-4570 Hours: Mon-Thu 9 am-8 pm * Fri 9 am-5 pm

Elevate Medical Pharmacy, Walk-In Clinic 106 Cumberland St N, Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4M2 Phone: 807-767-7002 Fax: 807-767-8002 Hours: Tue 5 pm-8 pm; Daytime hours vary, call for information Red River Walk-In Medical Clinic 901 Red River Rd, Thunder Bay ON Phone: None Hours: Mon-Thu 12 noon-8 pm, Fri 12 noon-4 pm, Sat 10 am-1 pm Note: May close doors when maximum capacity is reached and reopen again later the same day Ridgeway Walk-In Medical Clinic 1001 Ridgeway St, Thunder Bay ON P7E 5H8 Phone: 807-622-0601 Fax: 807-623-0470 Hours: Mon, Tue 9 am-4 pm * Wed-Fri 9 am-1 pm Westfort Village Health Centre, Walk-In Clinic Janzen's Pharmacy, 129 Frederica St W, Thunder Bay ON P7E 3V8 Phone: 807-473-9666 Fax: 807-473-9739 Hours: Wed 4 pm-8 pm Note: the walk-in clinic does not take calls from the public White Cedar Health Care Centre, Walk-in Clinic 125 Vickers St S, Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1J2 Phone: 807-475-4357 Hours: Mon-Thu 9 am-4 pm

IDA Pharmacy Walk-In Clinic

4781 Hwy 11-17, Kakabeka Falls, ON

Phone: 807-577-2435

Hours: Mon-Fri, Please call to inquire


Memorial Avenue Dentistry

790 Memorial Ave, Thunder Bay

Phone: 807-345-3666

After-Hours: 807-476-6331

Nurse's Registry for On-call Dentist: 807-623-1066

Grandview Family Dental

570 Red River Road, Thunder Bay

Phone: 807-345-1225

Red River Dental

777 Red River Road, Thunder Bay

Phone: 807-767-7669

Court Street Dental 59 N Court Street, Suite #205, Thunder Bay,

Phone: 807-344-1541 THE FOLLOWING WALK-IN CLINICS CAN ONLY BE ACCESSED BY REGISTERED PATIENTS OF THE CLINIC Aurora Family Health Centre, Walk-In Clinic 971 Carrick St (inside the Superstore), Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6L9 Phone: 807-285-1894 Fax: 807-285-2098 Hours: Mon-Tue, Thu 5 pm-6:30 pm * Sat 10 am-2 pm *Must be a patient of the Clinic* Fort William Family Health Organization, Walk-In Medical Clinic 1260 Golf Links Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 0A1 Phone: 807-626-1234 Fax: 807-623-8832 Hours: Mon 1:30 pm-4 pm, 5 pm-8 pm; Tue-Thu 5 pm-8 pm, Sat 9 am-12 noon *Must be a patient of the Health Organization* Harbourview Medical Centre, Walk-In Medical Clinic 1040 Oliver Rd, Ste 301, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 7A5 Phone: 807-346-1240 Hours: Mon-Thu 5 pm-8 pm, Sat 10 am-1 pm *Must be a patient of the Centre* Port Arthur Health Centre, Walk-In Medical Clinic 194 N Court St, Thunder Bay ON P7A 4V7 Phone: 807-346-1000 Fax: 807-346-6206 Hours: Mon-Thu 9 am-8 pm, Fri 9 am-1 pm, Sat, Sun 10 am-1 pm *Must be a patient of the Centre* Spence Clinic, Walk-In Medical Clinic 1265 Arthur St E, Thunder Bay ON Phone: 807-626-1111 Fax: 807-626-1121 Hours: Mon-Thu 5 pm-8 pm *Must be a patient of the Spence Clinic, or of Dr. Ruby Klassen, Dr. Steve Klassen, Dr. N. Dadgostar, Dr. Laurie Kibuik, Dr. C. Everall, Dr. A. Shepard, Dr. J. Edwards, or Dr. J. Sandoval* Superior Family Health Organization, Walk-In Medical Clinic 63 Algoma St N, Thunder Bay, ON Phone: 807-344-8475 Hours: Mon-Thu 5 pm-8 pm (Medical Building)

*Must be a patient of the Health Organization*

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