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4 Things we bet you didn’t know about Thunder Bay's Bare Organics

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When Karen Kerk’s oldest son was born, so was her business. After she read the ingredients on a mainstream baby wash bottle and was startled at the number of chemicals, she started making natural soaps, cleansers and moisturizers in her kitchen. Nearly 11 years later, Bare Organics has a devoted following who love Kerk’s selection of simple, beautiful, organic personal care products for both kids and adults, made by hand in her workshop. Whether you’re a longtime customer or have just discovered her, here are four things we bet you didn’t know about Bare Organics.

1. The products are for big kids too

Sure, baby skin needs to be babied—but tweens and teens need gentle skin care too, as they head into the stinky-armpits-and-problem-skin years. “They are still absorbing everything that’s put on their skin, just like babies do,” says Kerk, whose kids are 10 and 12. “Plus at puberty, they’re showering more, sweating more and applying more product to their skin.” In addition to gentle soaps and moisturizers, Bare Organics also has a natural deodorant made with arrowroot and baking soda, and a full natural makeup line.

2. You don’t really need much soap or shampoo

Unexpected words from a skin care company, perhaps. Plain water is enough to clean most of your body; save the soap for your face, armpits and feet, and there’s no need to shampoo every day. “This always catches people by surprise,” says Kerk. “But if people actually try it, they’re not so freaked out by the idea.”

3. You can actually eat any Bare Organics product

It probably won’t taste all that good, but there’s nothing in the products that can’t be consumed. “Younger kids often think the soap is fudge!” says Kerk. “They get a kick out of the idea of being able to take a bite.”

4. Kids can make their own products

Kerk offers “do it yourself workshops” for both kids and adults. The kid-centred ones tend to take place around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the end of school, and you can also book a birthday party. The kids make bath salts, cocoa butter, balms and body oils. “We start by kids guessing what the various ingredients are, and then they get to see, smell and touch the ingredients, which is always a hit,” says Kerk. “Then they measure everything, watch it cook, add their own scent, pour it into containers and decorate their own label.” Children under six need an adult to give them a hand, and you can find out about upcoming workshops at the Bare Organics Facebook page.

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