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5 Things my family loves about Mount Baldy Ski Area in Thunder Bay

  1. Tree trails We play follow the leader through the trails that run along side the main runs. It makes every run different and a new challenge emerges, like a ski stuck in deep snow. My nine-year-old has the advantage here because his skis are shorter. Mum and Dad can’t zip around as fast, and usually end up snowplowing!

  2. Wood fireplace Nothing compares to coming into the chalet cold, and seeing the warmth of the crackling fire. We put our wet neck warmers and mitts on a log to dry, before heading out again. Which brings us to the….

  3. Pit stop The new bathroom renovations are beautiful! The grey faux wood look, and low-flush toilets are top-notch for us eco-conscious people.

  4. Small scale The two-person chairlift and the T-Bar give a choice on how to get up to the right and left side of the slopes. There are short and long runs to choose from. Also, the challenge for kids of skiing back into the chalet on the flat parts is not an issue here. It’s an easy and quick ski in to warm up at smaller mountains. (As an aside, our secret code, which we started at Mount Evergreen in Kenora, is this is a “Hot Cocoa Run”, which means time to go in and warm up. My son would die of embarrassment if I asked him in front of his friends, if he was cold.) So, Hot Cocoa Runs are more do-able on small slopes.

  5. Affordability We bought a family membership and after skiing during Christmas holidays we had basically paid for the cost. We skied all through March Break last year basically for free! We could have easily driven to Lutsen in Minnesota, but we consciously chose to put our money back into a local family business. We want to make ski memories with our son, and for him to have the chance to do the same with his kids in the future. More info: 375 Mount Baldy Road (Shuniah) Thunder Bay 807-683-8441

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