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Check out Monsoon for delicious, authentic Indian food in Thunder Bay

things to do with kids in Thunder Bay

Monsoon Thunder Bay Visit: February 2017 Top 3 kid-friendly menu items

1. Butter chicken

2. Paneer vindaloo (mild, made with cottage cheese)

3. Chicken kebab sate

What’s for the grownups? A variety of homestyle authentic Indian food, with staples like perfectly spiced samosas and beef vindaloo and vegetarian dishes like hara bhara kebab and aloo gobhi.

What’s the vibe? Modern and comfortable family-run restaurant, with hammered copper pendant lights and teal and gold stencilled walls. Upbeat Indian tunes on the stereo.

Known for Fresh naan and roti bread, baked right on site in a traditional clay tandoori oven.(If your kiddo doesn't care for Indian food, she can make a meal out of bread.) The house specialty is Monsoon Papa Chicken, a 100-year-old secret family recipe. Our server said the desserts, like rice pudding with cardamom, rasgulla (a cheese dessert) and barfi, a sweet fudge-like squares made with condensed milk, sugar and nuts, often sell out.

Bonus points for Divided stainless steel plates mean that you don’t have to worry about one part of the meal touching another part of the meal (if that’s your kid’s worst food nightmare). Friendly service. Takeout available.

Kids menu? no

High chairs? yes

Crayons/games at the table? no

More info

588 Arthur St. West, Thunder Bay


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